Color Rwanda

‘Color Rwanda with Hope’ aims to provide education for the nearly 20,000 Rwandan children born during the 1994 genocide.

Foundation Rwanda, a non-profit organisation that works with Rwandan families and victims of the 1994 genocide, offered the children it works with a blank canvas on which to draw their dreams. Those vibrant, hopeful images — of children growing up to become doctors and homes with running water — were then compiled into ‘Color Rwanda with Hope’ – a series of events and products such as a colouring book – the proceeds from which will help to provide education for the nearly 20,000 children in need.

Kokoro & Moi is responsible for the Color Rwanda identity as well as art direction and design of exhibition graphics, custom typeface, the colouring book and all other print material for the Color Rwanda project. The complete identity is based on the Rwandan children's drawings, from the letter shapes in the typeface to various custom patterns, accompanied with the national colours of the nation itself.