Koneisto Festival

Commissioned with the task of creating the identity for Scandinavia's largest electronic music festival at the time, Kokoro & Moi waved its free flag high and blew the doors wide open on next-generation design. For the music festival Koneisto, Kokoro & Moi developed their entire identity between 2000 to 2004 including all print material, print and television advertisements, magazines, websites as well as spatial elements among all other implementations. The goal of the 5-year-plan was to reach out to music fans and inspire them to come to the festival and participate with the brand year-round through its magazine and other media outlets. The fragmented look and feel of all Koneisto festivals reflect the culture of electronic music, involving the interplay of samples from various sources. This project is pretty much the one that got Kokoro & Moi started in the first place.